10 ways to save money for your wedding

Updated: May 27

Hi friends! Today I'm coming at you with the second part of my series on how to have a budget wedding that's still uniquely you! I'm going to go through a few tangible steps you can take in order to save some money for your wedding. Obviously these will depend on where your priorities are but these are a few things I did for my wedding and tips that I've picked up along the way. I hope you find this helpful!

1. Buy your flowers wholesale. Now, I love supporting local florists and it goes without saying that they could do a better job than any untrained or unpracticed individual. However, if you are tight on money, there is an option to buy flowers wholesale and arrange them yourself! You could get a party together and arrange the flowers together, it's fun! https://www.fiftyflowers.com/ has great wholesale flowers or consider Costco!

A beautiful DIY everygreen bouquet!

2. Save the earth, save money, send e-vites! There are super cute options these days to send invites electronically and it saves a pretty penny.

3. See if your venue will let you buy alcohol wholesale. Alcohol is quite expensive and being able to buy yours wholesale is a huge money saver! Trader Joes $2 wine anyone??

4. Look into buying dresses online. I bought a dress for $600 and while I loved it it was over my budget and I regretted it slightly seeing as I only wore it one time. I could've bought just as beautiful of a dress on a platform like Etsy for much cheaper. Try to keep in mind the things you will only use once!

5. Find Facebook Groups that sell used wedding decor and other items. There should be a local brides group that you can search for! Along the same vein, ask your friends who've been married if they have anything they'd be willing to let you borrow. One of my best friends sister had just gotten married and we were able to use all their linens for our wedding!

6. Consider using disposable plates instead of traditional silverware. There are a lot of great options and some are even compostable (lookin at you, bamboo plates!).

7. I can already hear some of you groaning at this buttttt get a plain cake from the grocery store. We got a small plain white three tier cake from the grocery store and decorated it with flowers (shrug). Everyone loved it and they never knew it wasn't a fancy cake! Then you can get a sheet cake to supplement!

8. Choose a venue that already has a lot of decorations so you don't have to provide a lot. Better yet consider untraditional venues that may not be as expensive. Public park anyone?

9. Consider getting married on an off day, like a Friday or Sunday. Some venues and rentals will give you discount for getting married on those days.

10. Last but not least, ask yourself what your priorities are and make sure you spend your money there! That'll be what makes your day uniquely you.

All my best,