How to Create and Stick to a Budget for your Wedding

Updated: May 27

Today we're going to be talking about the less fun side of weddings but just as important- budgets! Specifically, how to create and stick to a budget. This will be the first post in a small series on how to have a budget yet still uniquely you wedding that I hope you find helpful! When I got married, my now husband and I had to prioritize and decide where we wanted to spend our money. It was tough but important for us. I hope these tips help you while you are planning your wedding!

1. Create a spreadsheet with all your potential expenses. Then, prioritize them in order of importance to you. For example, if food and photography are the most important parts of your wedding day put those at the top of the list. Then you know where you will need to cut costs.

2. Determine what your total budget will be and start breaking it down according to your prioritized list. You can look up average prices of things online to give you a starting point of how much to spend in each category, but do your own research, you may be surprised to find all the places you can cut costs! For example, based on a quick Google search, the average wedding dress price is $1600. However, you can find much more affordable dresses at places like Etsy or even ModCloth.

3. Decide what you can do yourself vs hiring someone to do. For example, for my wedding, we ordered flowers in bulk and arranged them ourselves. It was a fair amount of work and I know they weren't as beautiful as what a florist could have done, but it allowed us to get a lot more flowers for the price. When making that decision consider a few factors:

  • Do you have enough people to help you do it? You don't want to be stressed trying to get everything done! For my flowers, I got my bridesmaids and a few friends to help me out.

  • Will doing it yourself put more pressure on you that you don't want or need to take on? Some things are worth spending the money on if it's going to help you enjoy your day more!

4. Give yourself some wiggle room. Undoubtedly, there will be some costs that you did not consider while creating your spreadsheet, or you will go over budget in certain categories. For example, I had set a dress budget of $300 for our wedding (lol, it was super budget- we were young) but I ended up getting a dress for $600 that I LOVED. In retrospect, for a dress I only wore once I truly wish I had spent the extra money on photography (cough cough), but at the time it was important to me. It just meant we had to be flexible in a few other categories! Remember, your overall goal is to stick to your total budget.

5. Track ALL your expenses in your spreadsheet. This isn't the most fun but it is so helpful to have all in one place. Whenever you need a check of where you're at in your budget you can just check your spreadsheet (google sheets is excellent for this).

6. Lastly, be open minded! You may have an idea of what exactly you need for your wedding day to be perfect. But knowing what you DEFINITELY need/want will allow you to have an open mind about the other things. Online invites?? Cool, as long as I can have an ice cream truck at my wedding!

The next post will have tips on specific ways to cut costs but still have the day you imagined! I hope this helped! If you need a budget template, email me and I'd be happy to send you one.

All my best,