How to shoot in a crowded space

Remember that last post where I wrote about the sunny maternity session I shot in St. Charles?? Well, go look at it if you haven't and then come back here!

So now that you're back, here's the skinny on that session. I had such a fun time shooting it, but let me tell you it was CROWDED. People love their cute small towns with Christmas decorations and with good reason! But as a photographer it can be a little difficult when shooting in such a crowded place. So here are my tips for shooting in a crowded location:

1. I know usually photographers like to leave a lot of space between their subject and the background to get that nice blurry background but in crowded situations, walls can be your friends. Look for an interesting wall that can make the colors in your subjects clothes pop!

See how the color in the wall make the colors in my subjects clothes pop?

Same here- green in her sweater and green in the wall. Red in his sweater and red in the bow.

2. Look for a white wall and get your client up against it. White surfaces in general are great reflectors of light. They make your images look bright and create even colored skin tones. You know how you take a picture in the grass and your subject looks green? White walls won't do this for you! See the image below for a good example of this.

3. Put your subject up against other barriers that will still allow you to have some space between your subject and the background. Think of fences! They don't go up all the way behind the subject but they do make it more difficult for people to get behind your subjects.

This fence in front of this little store was a great spot for using this existing barrier but still getting that blurry background!

3. Look for spots off the beaten path. Little alley ways or side streets are great for this. There's usually not as much foot traffic there but they can still be super cute!

This was a little alley way off Manchester in The Grove

4. Last but not least, SHOOT VERTICALLY. The tight fit lets you crop out unwanted distractions.

Well there's a few of my tips that help me shoot in crowded spaces. I hope they help you also!

All the best,