Nat and Katy- Engagement Session in The Grove and Tower Grove Park

So I want to give you a little bit of background on this session. A while back ago I posted a model call specifically for couples who identified as LGBT, as racial or ethnic minorities, or any other marginalized group. I did this because whenever I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I felt that I only saw white couples shot by white women. There's nothing wrong with this, but I thought, WHERE IS THE REST OF THE WORLD?? Even now, as I have made a more conscious effort to follow more diverse photographers and photographers who photograph diverse couples, I still struggle to see that representation in my feed! As a child of immigrants who has seen first hand what it is to be marginalized and who also wants to make any and ALL of my couples feel comfortable in front of my camera, it was important to me to do this model call. I plan to do more of these in the future and continue to try make all of my couples feel comfortable with me.

So anyway on to the story of how I met Nat and Katy specifically! I asked couples and families to send me a little blurb about themselves and from there, I would choose one randomly. I ended up choosing Nat and Katy. They had just gotten engaged so it worked out perfectly! They were so sweet and were so cute together in front of the camera and I had such a fun time doing this session in the grove and then tower grove park. It was so cool to get a different vibe than my usual natural park vibes. Without further ado, though, Nat and Katy!

They're so cool, I can't handle it!

lol had to include this one

All the best,