Our trip to Egypt 2019!

So recently (lol jk, this was almost a year ago) I went to Egypt with my family. If you don't know, I'm half Egyptian on my dad's side of the family so I still have lots of family there and I got to see them on this trip! We also went with my aunt and cousin from my mom's side of the family who live in Mexico which was fun too. We had a guide who planned out the trip so I was lucky enough to just tag along and not have to do a lot of planning (which is the best). I am going to try to keep these pictures in some semblance of order, but really almost a year later I'm not sure how good my memory is haha. Enjoy the combo of phone and camera pictures!

All my best,


The pyramids of Giza
The step pyramids of Saqqara
The view from our hotel!
The Citadel of Cairo
A dog, considering his city
The Coptic Christian part of Cairo. You can see the church where Jesus hid from King Herod.

I think Jesus came through here? Not sure anymore haha
We went and saw the house of a wealthy man and this depicted portions of daily life.
This is the original color
Eating Kushari, a famous Egyptian dish!
Food that my aunt lovingly prepared
Then we drove out to the red sea. It truly was the most beautiful blue I've seen.
Look how cute my parents are :)

That's it! These are only a few of the pictures I took but I wanted to give you all an idea of how beautiful Egypt can be and our trip!