You're Engaged...Now What? Tips to start planning your wedding

Updated: May 27

Yayyyy! You're engaged! I'm so excited for you and your partner, this is such a great time in your lives :)

But now that some of that engagement high has worn off, what do you do?! Well first off, don't freak out! If you're not a wedding planner, planning a wedding can seem overwhelming, but no worries, I'm going to give you the first steps to take so you can start planning your perfect day.

1. As cheesy as this sounds, if you haven't done this already, snoop around on Pinterest and start saving inspiration for what you might like on your day. Find your voice and style and stick to it! Your day should be uniquely you and knowing what you like will help you stay firm to yourself.

2. Start building out a budget. Not only will this help you figure out who/what you need to contact and find, it'll help you see where your priorities are. I will make a separate post on places you can save a little money but that's for another day ;) Here is a great website on how to build out your wedding budget:

3. Find a venue and pick a date! This should be the first vendor you find because that will effect all your other vendors for the day. Find your favorite venue and reach out early!

4. Next, find your photographer ;). Find a photographer whose photographs you like but who you mesh well with! I like Harry Potter and chocolate chip cookies, just throwin' that out there.

5. Talk to your friends who've been married! They're great resources for you :) You can ask them what they loved and what they maybe wished were just a little different.

6. Last thing, consider insuring your ring. That's not really wedding planning, but always good to throw it out there!

As always, remember that even though wedding planning can seem overwhelming at times, at the end of it all you will be married to your partner on a uniquely you day!

And if you liked this, email me and I will send you a document with tips on having a stress free wedding day!

All my best,